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  • Инвестиции (Уильям Шарп) 

  • Active Investment Management (by Charles Jackson )

  • Advanced Bond Portfolio Management (by Frank J. Fabozzi, Lionel Martellini, and Philippe Priaulet )

  • Behavioral Finance and Decision Theory in Investment Management ( by Arnold S. Wood, Amos Tversky, Werner F.M. De Bondt, and Meir Stateman)

  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management ( by Frank K. Reilly and Keith C. Brown)

  • Investment Leadership (by Jim Ware, Beth Michaels, and Dale Primer)

  • Portfolio Theory and Capital Markets (by William F. Sharpe and William Sharpe )

  • Modern Investment Management (by Bob Litterman and Quantitative Resources Group)

  • The Role of Monetary Policy in Investment Management (by Gerald R. Jensen )

  • The Theory and Practice of Investment Management ( by Frank J. Fabozzi CFA and Harry M. Markowitz )

  • Management of investments  (Фабоцци Ф.)

  • Investment Management Portfolio Diversification, Risk, and Timing Fact and Fiction (by Robert Hagin )

Инвестиции на рынке предметов искусства:

  • Руководство по инвестированию на рынке предметов искусства - Альпина Бизнес Букс, 2006 г.

  • Fine Art and High Finance: Expert Advice on the Economics of Ownership (Bloomberg)  - Clare McAndrew (Author, Editor)

  • Skate's Art Investment Handbook: The Comprehensive Guide to Investing in the Global Art and Art Services Market

  • Sergey Skaterschikov (Author)

  • The Art of Buying Art  - Alan Bamberger (Author)

  • Fundamentals of Investments - Bradford D. Jordan (Author), Thomas Miller (Author)

  • The International Art Markets: The Essential Guide for Collectors and Investors - James Goodwin (Editor)

  • The Art of Investment  -1922

  • Morrell Walker Gaines (Author)

  • The Basics of Buying Art  - Cindi R. Maciolek (Author)

  • The Art of Investment - Alec Ellinger (Author), John Cunningham (Author)

  • The Art of Speculation  Philip L. Carret (Author)

  • Collecting and Care of Fine Art

Стратегии инвестирования:

  • Питер Линч. Метод Питера Линча. Стратегия и тактика индивидуального инвестора

  • Питер Станьер. Инвестиционные стратегии. Руководство

  • Stock Market Strategies That Work

  • The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies 


Венчурные инвестиции:

  • Raising Venture Capital for Biotech Companies (Thomas Tscherning and Jesper Zeuthen )

  • The Parker Story (by Mullins, Parker, Price & Cote Gunther)

  • Venture Capital in Europe (Greg N. Gregoriou, Maher Kooli, and Roman Kraeussl)

  • Venture Capital Contracting and the Valuation of High-technology Firms (by Joseph A. McCahery, Luc Renneboog)

  • Raising Entrepreneurial Capital (by John B. Vinturella and Suzanne M. Erickson)

  • The Venture Capital Cycle (by Paul Gompers and Josh Lerner)

  • Venture Capital and the European Biotechnology Industry (by William Bains)

  • Advances In International Investments (by Hung-Gay Fung, Xiaoqing Eleanor Xu, and Jot Yau)

  • Venture Capital, Corporate Governance, and Firm Value (by Kleinschmidt; Maik)

  • Investing in China The Emerging Venture Capital Industry (by Jonsson Yinya Li )


Мировые рынки и институты:


  • Handbook of World Stock, Derivatives and Commodity Exchanges.

  • China Stock Market Handbook.

  • Federal Accounting Handbook Policies, Standards, Procedures, Practices.

  • The Handbook Of Commercial Real Estate Investing.

  • 100 World Famous Stock Market Techniques.

  • Monetary and Financial Statistics (Handbooks in central banking)

  • The Federal Reserve System Purposes & Functions (ALL IN)

Инвестиционные средства:

  • Electronic Exchanges (by Michael Gorham and Nidhi Singh )

  • Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment (by United Nations )

  • Handbook of Research on Innovations in Database Technologies and Applications

  • Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives 7th (John Hull)

  • Trade Stocks & Commodities with the Insiders (Larry R. Williams )

  • World Development Indicators 2010 (by World Bank )

  • Секреты экономических показателей (Бернард Баумоль)


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